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DIVEBAR YOUTH 'VERTEBRAE' Single Launch in Adelaide

  • Date: 8:00 pm, Friday 9 Jun 2023 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: The Crown & Anchor
Jun 9

Supporting my good friend for his 'VERTEBRAE' single launch. It's my first interstate show!!!

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Guard 'luvbomb' Single Launch at The Northcote Social Club

  • Date: 8:00 pm, Thursday 18 May 2023 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: Northcote Social Club (Northcote, VIC)
May 18

I'll be supporting the lovely Guard celebrating their incredible 'luvbomb' single release

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Arnt Mae - Jam with THE JADON Presented by Dr Martens

  • Date: 7:00 pm, Friday 12 May 2023 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: Melbourne Central
May 12

Celebrating 10 years of the Jadon boot

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Arnt Mae's 'MISFIT SOCIETY' Launch Party at Kindred Studios w/ CULT SHOTTA, KAILEN & TYPE BOYS

  • Date: 7:00 pm, Saturday 18 Feb 2023 (UTC+11:00)
  • Location: Kindred Bandroom
Feb 18

WHAT'S THIS ARNT MAE HYPE ABOUT? (no magic or spells were involved)

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  • Date: 8:00 pm, Saturday 8 Oct 2022 (UTC+11:00)
  • Location: Kindred Bandroom
Oct 8

Arnt Mae joins Kill Carter for a 1 year of 'Eden' celebration at Kindred Studios

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A Fun Day Out

  • Date: 2:30 pm, Sunday 7 Aug 2022 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: Pride of our Footscray Community Bar
Aug 7

A FUN DAY OUT w/ YNG Martyr, Cult Shotta, Kill Carter, Arnt Mae, Babyface Mal & Yugen 9K

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Blackout Experience

  • Date: 8:00 pm, Thursday 30 Jun 2022 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: Abbotsford Convent
Jun 30

Arnt Mae joins an exceptional lineup of artists from Yo CiTY on June 30 as part of the Leaps and Bounds music festival!

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Demon Time – Arnt Mae at Yah Yah’s w. Lui Light and Juiceboxx

  • Date: 9:00 pm, Friday 3 Jun 2022 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: Yah Yah’s
Jun 3

Arnt Mae makes a glorious appearance live on the Yah's bandstand Friday June 3rd!

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Angel Hours: Divine Intervention

  • Date: 7:00 pm, Saturday 16 Apr 2022 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: Colour Club
Apr 16

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Red Bull Melbourne Unlocked

  • Date: 7:00 pm, Friday 25 Mar 2022 (UTC+11:00)
  • Location: Hoi Polloi
Mar 25

Arnt Mae hitting the stage at Red Bull's warehouse party

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Kill Carter's Ballin' launch at the Laundry Bar

  • Date: 7:00 pm, Friday 18 Mar 2022 (UTC+11:00)
  • Location: Laundry Bar
Mar 18

Welcome to the launch of KILL Carter and Dann Dib's single 'Ballin'

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  • Date: 7:00 pm, Saturday 11 Dec 2021 (UTC+11:00)
  • Location: Kindred Bandroom
Dec 11

Arnt Mae's "ENTER THE UNDERWORLD" Ft. Arnt Mae, Phi11a, YNG Martyr, Sophiya, Kill Carter, Eco$ystem & Bay Collective

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Phi11a RIOT Tour

  • Cancelled
  • Date: 7:00 pm, Friday 16 Jul 2021 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: Laundry Bar
Jul 16

Arnt Mae performs live along with Phi11a

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Revive the Rage

  • Date: 7:00 pm, Saturday 15 May 2021 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: Kindred Bandroom
May 15

Turn the f%#k Up!

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Shyne Club V2

  • Date: 7:00 pm, Sunday 4 Apr 2021 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: Kindred Bandroom
Apr 4

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Live at Pride Exude Showcase

  • Cancelled
  • Date: 7:50 pm, Friday 10 Jul 2020 (UTC+10:00)
  • Location: Pride of our Footscray
Jul 10

Join us on July 10 for a variety show filled with music from Stimpies, Redferrie, Arnt Mae and Franco Cozzo.